Creek Update

Per Art Swann, a design is being developed that will pipe the water down stream and alleviate flooding in people’s yards along Heather Drive. Stay tuned for more details.

Lock Your Car Doors

Four SHCA members attended a citizens advisory meeting on November 12 with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. These meetings are held quarterly during the year, and representatives from the office meet with county residents to talk about crime trends and prevention. Officers said a main concern in Charles County is cars being broken into. Make sure you lock your car doors and don’t leave any valuables. Speeding on Heather Drive was also discussed.  This area is being monitored, but if residents see someone speeding, they’re urged to call the Sheriff’s Office: 301-932-2222.

Recycling Day Switched to Wednesday

Curbside recycling and yard waste collection day is on Wednesdays (instead of Fridays). Recycling collection is every other week and yard waste is weekly, April – December. For a complete list of the new service days, visit


Sheriff’s Office Moves to Safeway Shopping Center

We’re happy to announce the Charles County Sheriff’s Office that was located in Indian Head has moved to the former bank building in the Safeway Shopping Center.

National Night Out a Success

The civic association hosted a National Night Out crime prevention program in partnership with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, August 5  in the former Strawberry Drive park.  Thanks to all the neighbors who attended and made it a success.

light Want Your Own Street Lamp?

SMECO will install street lamps free-of-charge on any property that hosts a green electrical box in its front yard. The installed post has to be within 10 feet from the box. The street lamps will be from dusk to dawn, and the monthly cost for electricity is $13. Consider sharing with your neighbor and splitting the cost. You just need a green electric box like the one in this photo.  If interested, contact Charlie Herbert at or 240-528-7705.

Speed Humps Update

On March 25, the county commissioners gave the approval for the planning staff to write guidelines for a new ordinance for “Traffic Calming” targeted for residential neighborhoods (including allowing speed humps). Currently, speed humps are illegal in Charles County except in incorporated areas like Indian Head.

From the planning staff, the proposed regulations will then go to the Planning Commission for approval, then to the County Commissioners, and then there will be a public forum for people to have further input on the new ordinance. Planning staff say the process will hopefully be complete in another six months. The process is moving forward, slowly but surely. We will keep you informed of any new developments.