Welcome to Strawberry Hill Estates! Our civic association is a volunteer group that strives to keep our community clean and a safe place to live. We are not a homeowner’s association, so we are not interested in the type of mailbox you have or whether or not you have a shed in your backyard. Dues and membership are voluntary.

Our ongoing projects include:

1. Neighborhood Crime Watch

2. Adopt-a-Road Clean up of Strawberry Drive three times per year

3. Safe Nights program in conjunction with Free Gospel Church for the area’s homeless

Also, we recently had two street lights installed on Heather and Woodberry Drives and worked with the county to have the drainage system at the bottom of those two streets improved.  The county spent close to .75 million dollars on this project, and we want to see it be effective for many years to come.

Please consider joining us at monthly meetings and paying dues (only $35/year) that will help us continue serving our community.